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About Sydney Rose [ENGLISH &IELTS]

The paradigm of your life will be changed


Rose Timeline - Simple Version

-Trilingual (Korean, English, Chinese)

-TOEIC score: 975 points

-TOEIC Speaking Level 8

-IELTS Overall 8.5

-LATIE member, Canada

-Holds an ESL instructor General License LEVEL

-Holds a Teacher of English to Young Children License

-Chinese HSK 1 2021

-Chinese HSK 2 2022

-Macquarie University, Professional Accounting, Scholarship Student, June 2019

-The University of Sydney, Software Engineering, Full Stack Development, Nov 2021

-Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Analytics Program, July 2022- March 2024 ​​​


Before 2013

  • Jongro Sisa YBM TOEIC Instructor

  • Jongro Cheongmun Academy TOEIC Specialist Instructor / Beginner English Instructor

  • Jung Sang JLS Bilingual Teacher

  • Megastudy HRD Affiliated Corporate Business Conversation Instructor

  • Chungmyung High School Instructor

  • Ritter Academy Full-time Instructor (Specialized in Selective High Schools, Private High Schools, and Top-ranked Specialized Academies)

After 2014

  • Inno IELTS, IELTS Instructor, March to Nov 2014 

  • Sydney Rose IELTS Representative Since 2014

  • Sydney Rose English Representative Since 2017

  • Hype Laps, Blockchain Engineer Feb to July 2022

  • Astar Corp, Chief Strategy Officer Since 2023

[Hall of Fame in Education]

2016 Sydney's representative IELTS instructor, Korea Town, one of Korean Representative Magazines: 

  • Interview 1st issue published on April 7, 2016

  • Interview 2nd issue published on April 15, 2016

2017 the Korean portal site [ANZLINKS.NET] published an IELTS specialized column.

[Other work experiences outside of education]​

  • Former R&D & Blockchain Engineer between Mar - July 2022 (Seoul, Korea)

  • Foreign Exchange & Futures Trader since Feb 2022 - present (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Financial Popular Investor since Oct 2019 - present (Sydney, Australia)

  • A Cohort Representative of Harvard Business Analytics Program since July 2022 - present (Boston, USA)

  • Artificial Intelligence Query Creator for Korean since Feb to July 2023   (Nevada, USA)

[Hall of Fame in others]

In August 2020, Rose teacher was selected as the top profit trader for a world-renowned financial company, ranking first in Australia and Asia

Selected as one of the 60 Global Top Traders among 20 million users worldwide!

Value Investing Berkshire Hathaway AGM conference,

First interview and first question with CEO Yoni Assia.

  • May 2, 2021 (5:30 am Sydney time / 7:30 pm London time on May 1st)

The University of Sydney - Software Engineering, Full Stack Development,

  • Overall: A+, Solo Project Development, selected as one of the final TOP 7 students

  • Virtual Demo Presenter on November 17th, 2021​​

  • Invited as a judge and mentor with the qualification of a current professional engineer and USYD's Alumni for the Virtual Demo Day on June 15th, 2022

Harvard Business School, HBAP Cohort Rep

  • was selected as one of the final four candidates for the July 2022 Cohort Representative Ballot.

  • On 5th October 2022, Rose was finally elected and appointed as a Cohort 18 Representative

Harvard Business Analytics Program, Summer Programming : June to Sept 2023

  • A host of August Generative A.I Viewing Party:
    GENERATIVE AI AND A STORM OF CHANGE, Friday, August 18, 7:00 PM ET

Sydney University
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