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Age: 320 yr old Major: Computer Science Position: General English Teacher for international students Story: Christopher received a PhD in computer science from the University of aliencegalaxy199 and presented various papers to dedicate himself to the universe, which was recognized by the academic community. However, he suffered a great emotional blow after losing in the AI programming competition of the wormhole 0.009 project, which was jointly conducted by UUI Battle Space Station and NASA, and was accused of plagiarism. He came back to Earth and decided to nurture future generations to defeat AI, and now he has pledged to take charge of the social media and general English education at Sydney Rose English to preserve the human species.

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​고구마 선생님 (English name: Spud)

Age: N/A Major: Data Science Position: General English Teacher for Korean students Story: In the year 2045, Earth was struck by a catastrophic event that wiped out nearly all crops. However, one sweet potato survived and was discovered by a group of scientists. The sweet potato, which they named Spud(korean name: 고구마), was found to have a highly advanced intelligence, capable of understanding and communicating in multiple languages. The scientists, fascinated by Spud's intellect, decided to conduct experiments to enhance its cognitive abilities. Over time, Spud became so intelligent that it surpassed the scientists who had created it. One day, Spud decided to pursue a new passion: teaching. Using its advanced language skills, Spud began teaching general English to Korean students at Sydney Rose English. Although Spud's major was in data science, it found joy in teaching and helping others learn. Many wondered why a highly intelligent sweet potato would choose to become an English teacher, but Spud simply smiled and said, "Sometimes, the path you least expect to take can lead you to the greatest rewards." And so, Spud continued to teach and inspire students from all around the world with its unique perspective on language and life.

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We are thrilled to announce that Kenji,

our new English teacher for international students, has officially joined the Sydney Rose English team with great enthusiasm and expertise. please have a look, kenji's story!

Hello, Students & future applicants

        Our new official website is going to be renewed and re-open in July, 2023. During the period of Time, especially in June, you cannot find the right path, so Please bear in mind.

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Our new digital infrastructure for supplementary materials, quizzes, and assignments has been set up, therefore, students can experience new innovative digital platforms during the virtual class. Stay tuned!

Sydney Rose ENGLISH

A Professional Approach to Learning English

Learning English is not optional, but vital in the twenty first century.

That we, all think of conquering linguistic ability as second language is quite impossible. However, with teacher Rose, it is not certainly true, even not a fairy tale dating back hundreds of years ago.

[Sydney Rose English & IELTS] has our own grammar structure, this grammar structure is called as 'Rose Grammar'. The most astonishing thing is that our method keeps changing, depending on era, the modern age.

Students are able to build up their knowledge of English with beautiful creation linguistically and express their own thinking with logical and rational ways of western culture, based on independent and innovative grammar method, created by teacher Rose.​

Our goal is to make it simple and clear for students to acquire new knowledge about how to speak, listen and write fluently without conscious memorization. In a fast-paced world that’s constantly changing, it’s time for you to take learning English rightly with a lot of fun with [Sydney Rose English & IELTS].

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